More about IP Address

All about IP Address? Is known to represent a private IP address that is being used by the routers and modems as the default IP address to get connected. The chance of a conflict is quite high as it is being used by most of the manufacturing companies. This is because the routers from the same manufacturer have been connected to a same matching network.

How to avoid a conflict?

The problem can be avoided by making use of a good router. Routers have been embedded with DHCP client server feature that is quite useful at easing the IP address assignment. Therefore each computer will be using a unique IP address and therefore this eliminates the possibility of a conflict.


There is completely no restraint on the kind of routers that will be able to use IPv4 address. Any router or computer internet devices can be prearranged to make use of the IP address. But it isn’t suggested to opt for it since of address divergence which can afterwards show up in the connection problems. It is being considered as amongst one of the internet protocol addresses that are identified to be special with the range varying from to The only limitation of using this address is that you need to have an access on the Network Address Translation (NAT Address) before they could actually make use of internet.

Instances of Internet Protocol addresses that could be used in private address

For all the individuals who cannot ascertain a network connection due to some reasons with the utilization of, there is yet more number of addresses that they can use for the private computer networks. You can alternately use or Make sure to remember these facts before making use of the address to get connected!