How to reset router password

How to reset router password

We often tend to forget the password to login into the router page or misplace the password after writing it down somewhere. If it has ever happened with you, you need to know how to login in the router page and then to reset the password.

Steps to reset your router password:

You need to reset the default password, if you have forgotten it. It can be done by following the router user guide manual and adhering to the steps written there. You can always visit the router dealer or manufacturing company’s website to note about the default information. Each company has provided its customer care number that can be used in case you are unable to login to the webpage.

Normal procedure to rest password

Normally, most of the routers follow the same principle if you want to reset the password. The procedure asks you to reset the router by trying the hard reset and erasing the existing settings for the wired or the wireless connection. Effectively, it means you will have to start from scratch, and then connect via a wired setup to feed the settings again.  You can also locate a tiny reset hole at the back of the router that has to be pressed hard with a pin or paper clip. You need to hold it for around 20 seconds before the settings will be erased and router will be rebooted. Then, you need to open the browser window and type the default IP address. When the router page opens, you will have to punch in the default router password and your ID. The router IP address is specified by the manufacturer and is normally (by default). You can always check the manual in case of a confusion regarding the IP address. You can also make other changes besides the password by simply logging on to the router page!